JTS Staircases Ltd design and manufacture traditional and contemporary staircases. We supply volume builders, builders, self-build and refurbishment projects.

Stephen Edwards

After working for Alan Banks Joinery for several years Stephen and his brother Mike decided to set up in business for themselves.

They deliberately located JTS Staircases in an old cotton mill in the Farnworth area of Bolton. Stephen said, “the location and the factory might not look much, in fact, it’s distinctly worn, but it means we have low overheads and we can pass those savings directly to our customers”.

Stephen is a time served wood machinist.

His specialty is making sure that the quality of timber is up to specification for your staircase and making sure the cuts are as efficient as possible.

This saves you expensive material and money.

In his spare time, and there doesn’t seem to be much of that, he is a keen cricket enthusiast and gives a lot of support to a local youth team.

Mike Edwards

Stephen's brother, Mike, is the person that most customers deal with, at the design stage, on a day to day basis.

He is also the person who comes out to your location to take measurements and offer advice on the staircase you choose.

Mike is a time served joiner and has been designing and building staircases all of his working life so he will have all of the answers to your questions.

If it is made from timber, whether it be exotic or plain Pine, Mike is the person to ask.

After measuring and designing many thousands of staircases over the years there is not much Mike doesn’t know about them and he is more than happy to share his knowledge with customers.

Dean Perkins

Dean is a qualified joiner and he has worked at JTS since leaving school, its very much a family firm, he manages the workshop side of things and pays particular attention to the feature hardwood staircases.

He also has built many thousands of staircases and is often found ‘on location’, you can tell I used to work in films when problems occur.

The quality of any business is measured by how they deal with problems when they arise and Dean is a great problem solver.

Joe Edwards

Stephen's son, Joe could be found helping dad out when he was still a toddler. Apparently, he liked hitting things with a hammer.

All Joe ever wanted to do was work with his dad so on leaving school and gaining his qualifications there was only ever one place he was aiming for, the family business, which on most days includes grandad.

Although he uses a lot more skill and fineness he can still be found with a hammer in his hand.