JTS specialise in handcrafted oak and other hardwood staircases.

Beautiful oak staircases and other hard-woods Staircases by JTS Staircases Ltd represent a perfect marriage of form and function. (that brings beauty and adds value to your home)

Add value to your home with a 'show stopper' staircase.

JTS build the best possible oak staircases at the best possible price.
If you deal with us you are dealing with the people who source the wood and build your staircases. No third parties, no agents no builders just the people who make the staircases.

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Other Hardwood Staircases

There are several hard-woods to chose from and they each have distinctive characteristics. Aside from their obvious density and strength, there is a range of grain structure and patterning.

The Ash staircase featured below is a fine example of a timber that can look good in its own right or take a variety of stains. Its open grain structure makes it ideally suited to stains.

Beech has that distinctive straight close grain, is knot free and a beautiful timber to use where clean lines and a light feel are required.

Walnut can offer an exotic appearance with its intricate grain patterns.

Ask to see samples of our hard-woods before you make your decision.